Switchover Help Scheme research

The Switchover Help Scheme has been designed and run to serve the needs of eligible older and disabled people. The Government carried out research with eligible people and their friends and family when they were designing the Help Scheme. The Switchover Help Scheme continued this research and refinement throughout its operation to make sure eligible people benefited from lessons learned about communications and service. Both also sought advice from expert organisations.

Some of the research carried out may be useful to other organisations seeking to understand older and disabled people and their relationship with technology and change.

A selection of the research which may be most useful to other organisations is available below:

Research carried out before the Switchover Help Scheme started:

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Persuasion or Compulsion? Consumers and analogue switch-off: exploring consumers’ readiness for switchover
The Consumer Expert Group (2004)

Supporting the most vulnerable consumers through digital switchover: identifying measures proposed to protect these consumers
The Ofcom Consumer Panel (2004)

The Ferryside and Llansteffan Digital Switchover Technical Trial: Research on Vulnerable Households
The trial was a partnership between the Government, the broadcast industry and Ofcom (2005)

The Bolton Digital Television Trial: to investigate what type of support would be needed at digital switchover by people aged 75 and over or with disabilities
Department for Culture, Media and Sport Report (2006)

Digital TV Equipment: Vulnerable Consumer Requirements:  to examine the needs of older and disabled people, and provide solutions that would make digital TV equipment more suitable and usable for them
The Consumer Expert Group (2006)

Research carried out by the Switchover Help Scheme

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Exploring eligible people’s awareness of switchover and requirements of a Help Scheme service, to establish the Code of Service Standards
Andrew Irving Associates (now Optimiser Research) (2007)

Social support networks of eligible people, to help reach eligible people in the community
Henley Centre Headlight Vision (now The Futures Company) (2008)

Refining Help Scheme messages, to reach eligible people most at risk of being left behind
The Futures Company (2009)

Review of the Help Scheme service, to improve delivery and determine whether take-up is appropriate
The Futures Company (2009)

Understanding risk factors for the “5%” – those people most at risk of being left behind at switchover
The Futures Company (2009)

Help Scheme mailings for blind & partially sighted people, recommendations for improvement
The Futures Company (2010)

Switchover Help Scheme message development
Rosenblatt (now the Face Group) (2010)

Impact of two-stage switchover on awareness, understanding and action of eligible people (quantitative research)
The Futures Company (2010)

Impact of two-stage switchover on awareness, understanding and action of eligible people (qualitative research)
The Futures Company (2010)

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