Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I already have digital TV?

The Help Scheme will help you convert one TV per household to digital, even if you have already converted another TV in your home without our help. All TVs in your house must be converted to use them after the switchover.

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2. Will my video or DVD recorder still work?

After the switchover, your video or DVD recorder will still be able to play video tapes or DVDs and record digital TV programmes. However, unless it is a digital recorder, it won't be able to record TV programmes on one channel, while you are watching another.

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3. Will my aerial still work?

If you get a good TV picture now, your aerial should continue to give a good picture after the switchover. If you get a poor picture at the moment, you may need a new aerial.

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If you cant find the answer to your query and need more help, please visit the Digital UK website for more information.
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